5 Important Things You Need To Tell Your Partner

We all want to keep growing and improving our relationship with our respective partner. Everybody has a different approach to it. This approach always circles around communication. Better communication can help two people get past any hurdle thrown at them.
To improve this communication and in turn strengthen your relationship, here are 5 important and simple things you need to ask/tell your partner often.

How was your day? 

Doesn’t it feel great when someone close to you asks this and you  tell them how your day really was with no filters attached?! You can make your partner feel the same by asking this simple question and being a good ear.

I appreciate you/your…

Actions speak louder than words, that’s true, but four words of appreciation can go a long way too. It doesn’t have to be over the top, it can be as simple as I appreciate *. It has to be genuine, that’s all.

Thank you

Being thankful in life is important. Being thankful for the person you’re with and leeting them know is equally important. You can start small like, “thank you for the tea.” This will surely make a difference to their day.

What do you think?

Every crucial individual decision affects the both in a relationship. It is important that you clearly communicate what you feel, lay down the pros and cons, and take into consideration what they think of it.

I like how you….

Let’s be honest, it feels nice to hear what your partner likes about you from time-to-time. Then why not carry this habit (of letting your partner know what you like about them) beyond the 1st year of your relationship. Tell your loved one what you like about him/her and see it being reciprocated too.


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