Sonam Kapoor on her marriage with Anand Ahuja

Love is all you need. Do you think this quote applies to our lives realistically? I mean if that were true, why would any of us take the efforts (required) to tend to a relationship and strengthen it?

For me a relationship requires so much more than love. Yes, love is where it all starts, love is the very reason that two people are together, but can we ignore the other essentials of a healthy relationship? I don’t think so. And if you think otherwise, listed below are 5 essential elements of a healthy relationship with the reasons as to why I think so. Read through and see if that changes your point of view.


For any human relation to thrive, there must exist basic respect towards the other. Respect is one of the factors that drives the relationship towards being successful. Hence, one of the qualities that two peple must possess is having utmost respect, not only towards each other but also respect for the bond they share, for their relationship to be a healthy one.



Trust is one of the pillars of a relationship. Without trust, any relationship is bound to sink. Trust, unlike other factors, needs to be built which in turn nurtures and protects the relationship. Hence, if you want a particular relationship to work, you must work towards overcoming any preconceived issues and work towards building a trustworthy relationship.



Would you want to fart on your first date and immediately break the fart-barrier and be super comfortable or would you want to take your time and get to know the person and then get comfortable? I bet it’s the latter. Jokes apart, comfort is a very necessary element of any healthy relationship. It helps to break the barriers of portraying our perfect selves, puts our insecurities and weaknesses on display and somehow strengthens the relationship further.



Every person has skeletons in their wardrobe and the more honest you are about your secrets and inhibitions with your partner, the more trust will be built between you. If you’re comfortable enough with your partner, you will try to be honest with them which in turn will help you to form a very strong bond.



Being supportive has so many dimensions to it. It includes supporting one another’s decisions, believing in each other’s ability to overcome hurdles, giving them honest opinions, critcising their wrong moves whenever necessary, and motivating each other to be the best version of themselves. The best part about this being when you love and care for a person, you are bound to do this for them no matter what.
There could be nothing better than having your partner as a support system which could do wonders for the relationship you have.

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