What do you remember about your last holi? I remember playing dry holi with my friends, looking green (since that was the only colour my friends were carrying), gorging sweets with dirty colured hands, and tending to my skin the next 2 weeks because CHEMICALS.
This year I have made up mind and I’m going to not only use but also promote the use of it. 
You ask why?

Here’s why?

  • Organic holi colours are made out of natural products like turmeric, corn starch, kumkum, vegetables,etc. These are not manufactured via industry methods, hence, they are chemical-free.
  • Organic holi colours are chemical-free hence, evidently, they are safer for your skin and hair. 
  • When holi colours are made through industry production, immense harmful chemical agents are discharged in water bodies, thereby hampeing the environment. Organic holi colours are made out of natural products automatically proving to be environmentally friendly.
  • These colours can even be made at home out of vegetables and fruits.


Ekgaon is a a social enterprise striving to provide for and support small farmers and the tribal community getting their raw material from locally sourced ingredients. These products are authentic, organic to the core, eco-friendly, and inexpensive.
Ekgaon gives you an opportunity to support these farmers and tribal communities better by opting these products over others.
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Green Practices:

Green practices organic holi colours are made from corn starch and coloured with natural food grade colours. They are safe, chemical free and even certified so.
Green practices is an enterprise that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable living and would want to spread the hows and whats of this wide.
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Organic Shop

These organic holi colours sold on organic shop are made out of natural ingredients only, making them 100% safe and natural and to my astonishment even herbal.
Organic shop is a large online marketplace selling products from only certified organic brands wih great reviews making it a trustworthy distributor.
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Natural Mantra

Eco-friendly and organic poducts are the forte of Natural Mantra. All ingredients used in the manufacturing of various products sold at Natural Mantra go through a specific process ascertaining that these meet the set pre-requisites. 
These organic products are arraroot powder, haldi, and natural fragrances making these holi colours befitting for use even by kids.
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Satvik Organic

 Satvik oranic is an initiative of a few volunteers of the Art of Living NGO which focuses on clean and healthy living.
Made out of natural ingredients, these holi colours are safe and eco-friendly making them one of the go-to options for playing Holi with.
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Let’s save our skin, hair, body, and even the environment in our bid to enjoy the festival of colours- Holi.

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