points describing what you are not supposed to do on a date

While prepping for a date I’m sure your friends tell you what to do, but what about what not to do while on a date? Well that’s a different question altogether. To help you a little with that, here are some complete NOs you need to pay attention to.

  • Turning up late:

A completely unaccpetable move is to turn up late to a date. It speaks badly of you. Try to be punctual as much as possible.

  • Not being presentable:

By presentable, I don not mean go over the top, get a complete makeover, and step out like a star. All I mean is clean-up and look your presentable best.

  • Don’t ask uncomfortable questions:

One example of uncomfortable questions is getting too personal. It’s your first date. Steer clear of questions that would generally make a person uncomfortable.

  • Lacking attention:

It’s normal to lose attention for a jiffy but doing that for entire conversations is insulting to the other. Also, try not to be too engrossed in your phone. Many people hate that. I’m sure you must too. Don’t do these things, however boring, that person might be in your opinion.

  • Digging into the past:

Prodding inot the anybody’s past relationships on the first or the second date itself is a complete NO. This also applies to talking about your past relationships. Don’t do that unless your date asks you about it.

  • Do not get drunk:

Having a good time and getting to know your date is always the objective of it. However, getting drunk to have that good time may not be recommended, Your date may not even like it.

  • Not contributing to the conversation:

Imagine your date is completely silent the entire time and makes no effort to make conversation or even contribute to the conversation. Seems like a completely boring scenario right? This is exactly you too need to put in some efforts and strike some conversation with your date.

  • Not observing table manners:


I do not mean go berserk and observe Royal house level cutlery etiquettes. All I mean is just observe the usual table manners of sitting properly, using the cutlery, not making eating sounds, etc.


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