It’s never enough to just make a profile and register yourself at a matrimonial website. You need to put together a proper and a complete profile for better results and meet your objectives.
To aid your hurdle, I’ve put together a few tips to pay attention to.

Important Information:

When you look at a propspective match’s profile on a matrimonial site, what are the fields of information that you look at?! Keep that in mind while you make your own profile at such sites. The main objective is to provide the viewer all the required and important information that one needs to asses if the profile could be a good fit for him/her.

Honest Information:

Nobody likes being cheated in any way. This is exactly why you must also provide only honest information in your profile. Since, this is the question of two lives getting connected for their entire lives, abide by this rule, and be truthful.

Upload Pictures:

Any profile is complete and ready in all sense when you upload your picture as well. However you need to pay attention to a few point while doing that-
1.) Make sure the picture is clear,
2.) Upload at leat two pictures of yours- preferable a close-up shot and another a standing shot.
3.) Do not upload group photos. Upload pictures comprising of just you in the picture.

Horoscope Information:

Horoscope matching forms an important aspect of Indian matrimonial matchmaking. Providing information in relation to that is necessary too. Even if you and your family do not believe in it, the persons viewing your profile might. Hence, making a note of that, you must provide information required for horoscope matching like your birth time, birth place, gotra, etc.

Update Information at Regular Intervals:

Just like your linkedin, it is essential to update your marimonial profiles too. Make sure you update the important information at the very least. Also, uploading recent pictures of you is necessary and should pe kept in mind.

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