Fake profiles: This is a major hurdle for almost all of us these days. I was aghast after reading what a few people have gone through at the hands of fake profiles they’ve come into contact with on numerous matrimonial sites. And the worst part about this problem is, there no one site that can blamed for this. It persists almost everywhere.
However, the good news is there are a few simple rules that you can keep in mind to avoid such mishaps or encounters. I’ve tried my level best to describe them below.

These are most the most evident signs of a profile being fake:

The profile shows no signs of recent activity

When a person signs up and makes a profile on a matrimonial site, the basic objective is to get married (obvious.) Hence, the person or the parents sign in at regular intervals to look for a prospective partner. If there are no signs of recent activity, then it best to not waste time on these profiles.

Just one photo uploaded/ photoshopped pictures

When you come across a profile with just one photo or a photoshopped picture (something just isn’t right about it) as a profile picture. There are chances of such profiles being fake.

Minimal information provided

If you come across a profile which consists of just the required information needed to make a profile on the matrimonial site, then are good chances of it being fake. However, give that person the benefit of doubt and try to ask for more information about them if you like the profile.

Hesitant to provide information

Like mentioned in the above point, if only some information is provided in the profile and you like the profile, you could ask for more information about the person. But, if that person hasn’t provided you with the required information or hasn’t replied with a believable response within a span of 3-4 days, there are high chances of the profile being fake.

Multiple profiles with the same description

If by any chance do you come across different profiles with the same description then you can definitely consider these profiles to be fake.

Educational qualifications do not match with the birthdate

This is a tricky one. Let me explain this with an example.
If the person claims to have completed his/her engineering and full time masters program, yet has mentioned to be born in the year 1996, then, the profile is either not genuine or there has been some gross mistake. I’m saying this because, if we calculate from 2018 the person 22 years old and it is mostly not possible to complete one’s engineering (4 years) with full time masters (2 years) unless the person has skipped a few classes earlier in life.

Any demand for account information or request for money from the profile owner

This is the most obvious sign of the profile being fake. Generally what happens is such profile owners, talk and gain your trust in the first few months and later request you to disclose your account information or lend you some money by way of some believable excuse.
Steer clear of such profile owner.


  • Do not disclose any banking information. If any time you do come across such a thing, the most prudent thing to do would be to report that profile to the site manager/owner.

  • If the information provided in the profile does not seem believable, then give the profile owner the benefit of doubt, and try asking them for some proof to make it believable for you (like a university degree.) However, if you do not receive the expected response, it would be smart to not contact the profile owner further.

  • While deciding to meet a prospective proposal, make sure you do that in a public place to avoid any mishap.

Adhering to these simple rules can save you from a lot of inconvenience later.

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