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The big question of the year is being asked already, “What are you doing this New Year?” If your answer falls in the lines of ‘hosting a party,’ I’ve got just the post for you.
I realize hosting a party can be overwhelming, it starts with what, how, who and goes on. To make your task easier and light up your New Year’s Eve like a Christmas tree, here are 9 party themes you could take a note of.

Your Favourite TV Show Theme

stranger things theme party

If you and your friends are collectively invested in a particular TV show, why not make a party out of it?! You could dress like the characters from the show, get the show themed food (if any), may be also binge watch a few episodes, and have an all in all fun evening. Like in the picture, the decor, the food, gives a Stranger Things kind of vibe to the party.

Game Night Theme

party games

How I love party games! Not only do these activities break the ice but they’re so much fun that the night goes by in a jiffy. Research a few simple and fun games for the evening, get the supplies necessary for the same, and host a great New Year’s Eve party.

Best Dish Potluck Theme


Potluck party is usually not considered to be a fun theme for the new year’s eve, but, trying something different wouldn’t hurt right? These parties could turn out to be more fun if there would a competition amongst the guests as to who bought/ cooked the best dish. Wherein the winner could be decided through voting.

An Ode To Stan Lee/ Superhero Party Theme

superhero theme party

Why restrict superhero costumes toHalloween parties only? Have a superhero themed new year’s eve party with all your Marvel and/or DC comics enthusiasts.

Murder Mystery Party

murder mystery

This is a perfect party theme if you are weary of the same old party themes and nedd something new to try. It’s simple to organize such a party. Just order a murder mystery kit online or buy one from a store and follow the steps mentioned therein. You’ll have murder senarios at your disposal depending upon the number of invitees to your party. Send the details of an invitee’s character along with their invitation and voila, you have a murder mystery party ready to enjoy.

Chinese/ Mexican Themed Party

chinese party food bar

Make it a cultural fest. Have an chinese or japanese themed party with a noodle bar or a sushi bar or a dimsum bar, get drunk on sake or have mexican theme party with a taco bar and have a good time with some good old tequila. Ask your guests to dress as per the theme, go overboard with the lights and decor, organize party games, and host a riveting new year’s eve bash.

Movie Themed Party

monie night party theme

Pick a movie series, a pop corn bar, some nachos, beer, and your group of close knit friends, and you are sorted. Movie themed party is suitable for those who merely want to chill with kind of people, have a great time but not a great hangover.

Prom Night Theme

prom night party theme

Want to go a little overboard? Recreate your prom night with one small (big) difference. You don’t have to sneak in your booze. Awaken the teenager in you and your friends and party like you did all those years back under the cute lights, (boozy)  fruity punch but better snacks.

Fair Theme

Fair party theme

What does an ideal fair comprise for you? For me it’s all about the cute shooting and ring games, the food, and the tarot card readers. Define what a fair means for you and organize a colourful fair themed party on that lines.



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