party appeizers for vegetarians

Diwali to me is the festival of lights, sweets and endless diwali parties. Be it a kitty party, a cards night or a family get-together, the one thing common in all of these is (you guessed it right) food.
The major concern for every party organizer is what kind of appetizers would the guests prefer. Here are 10 Party appetizers to amplify that appetite and showcase your impeccable hosting skills.
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Dal Pakoda Chaat:

dal pakora chat in a bowl

Potato Poppers

a party appetizer called potato poppers

Paneer Lollipops

paneer lollipops

Poha Croquettes

Masala Pav

Hasselback Potato

Baby Corn Chilli

Dahi Kebab

Hot & Sweet Paneer

Need help deciding what sweets to serve your guests? Check out our post on Healthy Diwali Sweets Recipes.

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