Gorging on sweets and desserts is our favourtie time-pass during festivals. The results of this shows immediately in the form of half of our wardrobe not fitting us anymore. Our fitness/health goals are replaced with new detox or crash diets in our bid to lose weight faster.
But what if I told you that you can enjoy these festivities without tossing your goals out of the window. Keeping all the health enthusiasts in mind, here is a list of healthy recipes of Indian sweets to save you from your yearly plight.
P.S. you can make these recipes extra healthy by using sugar substitutes.

Apple Quinoa Kheer

Apple quinoa kheer

Low Calorie Rassgulla

Carrot Barfi

Apple Oats Phirni

Beetroot & Coconut Barfi

Makhana Kheer

Walnut Laddu

Guava Fudge

Oats Laddu

Khajoor Modak

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