Actions speak louder than words. Hence, why just wish someone good luck verbally?! Here are 9 different ways from around the world to wish someone good fortune and all the luck in the world (literally.)

Chinese Coins
Origin: China

chinese coinsI’m sure most of you know what are Chinese coins. For those who aren’t aware, Chinese coins form a part of feng shui and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its keeper. They often come in groups tied together by a ribbon. Generally, three or six or nine coincs are tied together. But these numbers aren’t radom.
3 Chinese coins: the trinity of heaven, Earth, and mankind luck,
6 Chinese coins: the number of heavenly luck,
9 Chinese coins: The number of completion.
There are different types of Chinese coins available, however, the ones with four characters- Bao, Chuen, Yong, Fu- on one side and eight characters- Fu Zhai Yien Chien, Re Re Sheng Chai- on the other side are the best choice for a gift to bring good fortune as such coins symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and daily weath multiplication.

Origin: Middle Eastern Countries

hamsa hand in a frames picture
The Hamsa has a variety of names like khamsa, hamesh, chamsa, hamsa. The Hamsa represents the Hand of God. It is a protective sign and brings good fortune, happiness, health and luck to its keeper. This is my favorite of this lot. The Hamsa pieces not only bring you luck but also look quite trendy TBH.

Origin: India
elephant pot with a plant

Elephants are closely associated with the Indian deity of good fortune, wisdom, arts, strength- Lord Ganesha, hence, it’s no wonder that elephants form a part of this list. However, it is also said that if you are gifting an elephant to somebody as a symbol of good luck, make sure that elephant’s trunk is facing upwards as that is a symbol of general prosperity and success.




Evil Eye
Origin: Middle East
evil eye wall hanging

Well, the Indian phrase “nazar na lage” was taken a notch higher by the Middle Easterners with this charm. It is based on the idea that this ‘eye’ shall ward off any evil eye and keep the person away from harm. The evil eye, also seen within the Hamsa hand, looks quite a good house piece too.

Four Leaf Clover
Origin: Ireland
four leaf clover pendant

The four leaf clover brings luck to the keeper/wearer. The four leaves each have a specific meaning: faith, hope, love, and luck.

Origin: Great Britain

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
But it doesn’t end there,
It continues and ends at- and a silver sixpence in her shoe.
Wondering what is it?
This is a bridal tradition which began in Great Bitain where the bride wears something old, new, borrowed, and blue and the Father of the bride gives her a sixpence (a coin that was worth one-fortieth of a pound sterling) or rather places it in her shoe wishing her good luck and prosperity in her married life.

Origin: Japan

tortoise in feng shui


A tortoise is a symbol of longevity, good luck, and support. A tortoise is supposed to be placed to face the East direction.

Bamboo/ Money Plant
Origin: China

money plant indoor bamboo plant


Bamboo plant forms a part of feng shui and is believed to attract positive energy and bring good fortune to its keeper. If you wish to gift someone a lucky bamboo plant, make sure it has 6 stalks as that symbolizes luck.
Just like the bamboo plant, the money plant also attracts positive energy and brings luck and prosperity to its keeper. Either of these is a good choice for a gift.


Origin: Europe


Horseshoe is believed to ward off any evil spirits and bring good fortune and luck. Hence, you will see a horseshoe on the door frames of people. It forms a good house-warming gift.













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