Ganesh idol made of clay- Simple & Eco-friendly Ganesh Decorations-

Simple & Eco-friendly
Ganesh Decorations

Getting the right idol and decorating the space right can prove to be a little difficult. Making your job a litle easy with these simple decor ideas. To make it all the more better they are all eco-frienly.

Scissors, tape, chart paper, and a basic ceativite eye is all you need for this super eaay and colourful decor.

This decor is great for small idols only. All you would need for this is some chart paper (preferably of three different shades of pink), some cardboard, some glue and some free time.  

I call this the Abstract Ganpati. Put on your coat of creativity and use a little this and a little that of whatever is available to create a pretty space for your Ganpati. 

The Chhatrapati Ganpati. This is the simplest of all since all you need for this decor is a pretty umbrella and a tabe cloth. Eveything you see in the picture is available in the market and can be used time and again for different purposes. An eco-frindly Ganesh decor for sure.

This decoration demands flowers and lots of it. This decor looks the best when fresh flower garlands are used as opposed to the plastic ones. You can add a pop of colour to this decor with different coloured flowers and make it more classy with white roses. The only shortcoming is that it’s not very feasible when the ganpati celebrations last for more 1 and a half days. If your Ganpati is going to grace your house with presence for more than that, you could opt for paper flower garlands instead of the plastic ones to make it more eco-friendly.

This would need a larger set-up than all the previous ones. Lots of flower, some eco-friendly plates and bowls (made out of betel nut), leaves and good lights. This set up is ideal for the slightly bigger sized Ganesh idols. 

The most difficult decor of the lot. This decoration would require a lot of efforts and patience and creative ability on the part of the person making it. Slightly less eco-frinedly than any of the decor mentioned herein. 

A few more pictures to take inspiration from:

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