Gota embroidery on a cloth- The Subtle Art Of Choosing The Right Embroidery-

A mere request to accompany my friend to a designer was when I happened upon this extended knowledge on embroideries. My friend started rambling about the kind of look she wanted to achieve and the intricate designs that she was looking for, when the designer cut her off and explained to us the step by step process of it all. And that is exactly when I decided to share the knowledge. I didn’t remember of the decision until two days back, so here  I am sharing the knowledge, a little later.

Embroidery adds certain grandeur to a rather plain looking cloth. Well, the level of grandeur would depend upon the kind of embroidery you choose and that in turn would depend upon a number of factors like-


If it’s your own wedding you want to look resplendent and even if it isn’t your wedding you want to stand out. The occasion and your look for it, be it simple or elaborate, is for you to decide. Hence,moving on.


The choice of fabric is mostly guided by factors like the weather, if it’s a day or a night event, what are you accustomed to, etc. Let me give you an overview of the most sought after fabrics.


Weather: Warm and cold

The most durable, expensive, and preferred fabric of the lot. It has an undefeatable sheen of its own. There are innumerable pros to this faric and probably just one con i.e. it is expensive.

satin saree
Satin saree with beaded embroidery


Weather: Cold

Satin is the less expensive alternative to Silk. If silk is out of your budget, satin is the closest option for you. It’s smooth, has a beautiful sheen and lot of body too. Satin is made out of natural and synthetic fibres, hence, various types of satin are available.


Chiffon kurti with crepe palazzo
Chiffon kurti with crepe palazzo

Weather: Warm

Chiffon has a mesh like weave. This fabric is soft, lightweight, and a little transparent. Chiffon is made from either silk, cotton or synthetic fibres. Chiffon made out of synthetic fibres is chaper than that which is made out of silk. Chiffon is best suited to be used in evening wear. Chiffon would be a great choice if you want to give a floating appearance to your outfit.

Crepe Dress
Crepe Dress


Weather: Warm

Crepe is the most easily identifiable fabric of this lot. It’s wrinkled and has a crimped appearance. It is made out of wool, silk or synthetic fibre which in turn determines the price of the fabric. Crepe is super lightweight, delicate, and gives a great flowy look. It is a befitting option for a summer wedding which calls for a breezy look.


Velvet Lehenga with zardozi embroidery

Weather: Cold

Velvet is made out of natural or synthetic fibres. This fabric is an ideal choice for winter weddings. It’s heavier than all the fabrics mentioned herein. It is soft and has a felt surface. Velvet outfits give a warm look.


To get a little insight into the various types of embroidery, give my previous blog a read.





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