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The feel of an outfit is enriched by the fabric, similarly, the look of an outfit is ornamented by an embroidery. Compiled below is a list of the most sought after embroidery styles that you can read through and opt for the one that catches your eye depending upon the ocassion.


gota embroidery

Originated from Rajasthan, the applique technique is used in this type of embroidery. Small pieces of embellished ribbon cut in various shapes(motifs) are sewn on a base cloth making a particular pattern. Traditionally silver or gold metal was used, however, to make it more cost effective polished copper pieces are used in its place. Now, even cheaper alternatives are available wherein a polyester film metalized and coated are used, known as plastic gota.
Gota embroidery can be customized depending upon the occasion for which it is to be worn. Gota embroidery lehenga would definitely stand out when chosen in beautiful bright colours.


phulkari embroidery


When someone says Punjab, most think of lassi, the Golden Temple, and Phulkari. The design is embroidered on the reverse of the cloth. The bright coloured threads and large motifs of the Phulkari embroidery makes the apparel eye-catching in many ways. Phulkari may not be the go-to option of a bride for her wedding day, but would definitely be a great alternative for other ceremonies.


mirror work embroidery

My favourite of the lot, shisha is nothing but mirror work. Traditionally, small pieces of mirror are sewn between colourful threads. Mirror-work gives an elegant look to the outfit. However, designers are now using Shisha embroidery along with other embroidery types making a fusion adding their own personal touch to the same. A Shisha embroidered choli with a simple tulle lehenga skirt would look charming for a Sangeet night.


zardozi embroidery

Originated from Persia, Zardozi is created out of copper wire with silver or gold polish and silken threads are used in place of the royal and traditional practice of using gold or silver threads. Zardozi embroidery is a go-to style when one wants to add a richer look to their ensemble. Even a little of this embroidery at the neck and/or the sleeve will make a huge difference to the entire look.

Kashmiri Tilla

Kashmiri Tilla embroidery

A Royalty and Kashmiri special. In this technique, the artisan makes the use of two threads- a staple thread and a tilla to embroider the design stencilled by the designer. The design is very peculiar consisting of Kashmiri flowers and leaves. The Royals preferred this type of embroidery wherein real silver or gold was used (when it was affordable.) However, now the more affordable copper, coated with silver or gold polish is used. What makes it different from the usual Zari is that the thread of tilla is thicker since it consists of a copper underwire which highlights the embroidery and gives a more graceful look to the ensemble.
Wish to opt for a different look for any of your wedding festivities? I’d suggest a velvet cloth embellished with this rich looking embroidery.

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