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Being an invitee at a bridal shower, I was clueless as to what to get the bride-to-be. Do I sound like a dim-wit? In my defense, I didn’t know her too well. Jotted down below is a thoughtful list of things you can gift the special lady (to help people like me.)


red lingerie

From lacy bras to sheer baby dolls there are a hoard of options that you may choose from. All you need to do is know the right size. I’m sure you can figure that part out.


date bangle
One of my favourites from this list. I’m not talking about wedding jewellery, well you could gift that too, however, I’m referring to something more delicate, customized, like a date bracelet or a message pendant- reminding her of the occasion and that she is loved and adored by her close ones.

The Personalized One:

letter for the bride
Getting married is a milestone for every person. Wish her all the luck, love, support, pour all the feels in a personalized letter/s or a scrap book. Don’t forget to add a few photographs of the times you’ve shared and shall cherish all your life.

Subscription Box:

subscription box
Subscription box is nothing but a care package delivered at your doorstep at a particular date of the month. Such care packages are curated by the respective company stylists on the basis of your preferences. It could be her favourite dessert box or apparel brand or a skin care package. Subscribe to such care packages on the behalf of the bride-to-be for 3-6 months to give her a recurring gift.

Bridal Box:

hamper gift for the bride-to-be
This is definitely the best bet when you are a mere acquaintance or don’t know the bride-to-be too well. Mix up a cute hamper of probably some wine, jewellery, cosmetics, accessories, etc. and something in blue for good luck.


cosmetics hamper for the bride-to-be
A definite yes. Who doesn’t love these expensive little things which expire in no time. The best part about cosmetics being, there’s something for every person- be it a complete make-up-holic or the au naturel one. Make a big fat hamper comprising her favourite products from her skin care and make-up regime. She’ll definitely be over the moon.

Spa Package:

Wedding arrangements take a toll on the bride in some or the other way. She needs her well deserved break from all the shopping and the decision making before the chaotic day even begins. Gifting her a spa day or, better, a spacation could make a great difference from the bride’s perspective.

The Honeymoon Special:

beach hamper gift
I’m sure you must be knowing her honeymoon destination or you can easily find this details out. Gift her a hamper comprising things she might need for the same.
For example, if her honeymoon is at a beach destination, curate a hamper comprising some beachwear, a towel, hat, sunglasses, lotions, sunscreens, flip-flops, beach accessories, etc.

Gift Card:

gift card
Can’t make up your mind? Go get a gift card. If that sounds too meh to you, get gift cards from brands that you’re sure she loves.

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