minimalist wedding decor, cake, and invitation

“Day 1: Cocktail Party, Day 2: Sangeet, Day 3: Mehendi, Day 4: Haldi, Day 5: Wedding, Day 5 (evening): Reception. Is this schedule fine by you?”

“No. I don’t want a week long celebration. Day 1: Wedding and/or reception. That’s all.”

People have to struggle and fight for their rights, their education, their career. And here I was, fighting for a shorter wedding (than expected.) I wasn’t concerned about the finances it would imbalance (not so much at least) nor was I influenced by the criticisms with regard to grand weddings. My motto for almost all aspects in life has been: to each his own. Grand celebratory weddings work out for most people, some people are pressurized into it due to their social standings (yes, believe me, that does happen.) To me, a minimalist wedding was all that I wanted.

What is a minimalist wedding? Let me give you a few synonymous terms- simplistic, less clutter, less stress. All the ancillary dimensions of a wedding are given less importance, and the things that matter, like love, family, vows, happiness, and the wishes of the bride and the groom are given greater weightage.

My aim was not to be cool, or set a trend, it was merely having a wedding the way I had always imagined. A beautiful setting decorated with flowers (lots of it), a simple ceremony, and all of it enhanced by the people I love. And the groom, of course.

When my parents realized I was adamant on my idea, they had to give in. We did away with the wedding planner. Going old school, the wedding was planned with help of friends and relatives. Tasks were assigned. Everything, from the invitations to my wedding dress were simple yet classy (at least I think so.) Most of all, I did away with the pre-wedding photo shoot. Ugh! I hate that trend. There I said it. What I couldn’t help were the mehendi and haldi ceremonies, I wasn’t even planning to. But, I made sure we didn’t go overboard with it. Few guests and an in-house celebration was all I decided upon.

The wedding took place in the backyard of my farmhouse. Not more than a 100 guests round table seating arrangement for a weddingwere invited (couldn’t help that number.) It was all I had dreamt of. Simple flower arrangements, practical round seating, a three course meal, and my love by my side. There was no reception following the ceremony, for the simple reason, it wasn’t necessary.

The truth is, minimalist weddings are not given their due credit. 1 day, 1 dress, 6 hours, that is all it took for me to have my dream wedding. In a parallel universe, I’d be an instigator of minimalist weddings and bring a revolution in the wedding lore.

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