boy stranding with his cycle in a water logged street

Monsoons are quite unforgiving in almost all regions of India. To help you tread the difficult tides that this monsoon shall bring, I have curated a list of 5 necessities which might proove to be of paramount importance to anyone.

Insect Repellant

woman applying insect repellant spray on her leg

Heavy Rains+clogged gutters=water-logging,

Walking in the dirty clogged water to get anywhere is inevitable. Hence, one of the essentials of the monsoon kit is a water-proof insect repellant. Apply such a repellant and stay safe from unknown insects’ bites.

Craft Paper

3 paper boats

When you are stranded due to heavy rains and the internet is not working, what do you do to keep yourself entertained? it’s simple, carry some fancy craft papers, make beautiful paper boats and watch them float in those cute little muddy puddles.

Inflatable Floats

unicorn inflatable float in a lake

It’s raining heavily, you can’t take an off (beacause we can’t afford that kind of luxury), and you’re tired of the usual conundrum of rolling up your pants and walking in the clogged water, well, just carry an inflatable float coz why not?! It’ll definitely be more fun than merely trudging in that mucky water.

Trekking Bag Filled With Essentials

woman crossing flowing river with a heavy trekking back

Chances are you’ll get stranded in the rain easily by reason of our state of the art infrastructre and maintenance of the drainage system, hence, I recommend you to carry a trekking bag with essentials- a change of clothes, some food and water, other essentials- that can last you for minimum two days.

Sleeping Bag

man sleeping in a sleeping bag

If you’re carrying a trekking bag, you might as well carry a sleeping bag with it if you want to be prepared for all circumstances at all times.

P.S. This is a sarcastic post written mostly to criticize the little efforts taken by our government to improve the infrastructure, facilities, etc. as a result of which the common man always suffers. I hope it is taken in the right stride.

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