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Summer can easily be stamped as the most unforgiving season in India. Getting married in this season is enough to add a dozen of stress lines to your forehead. I won’t say “don’t worry” or “I’ve got you”, but, all I’ll say is incorporate a few of the below mentioned tips in your wedding ‘To-do list’ and wipe at least half of tose lines off your forehead.

Light Ensembles

pastel lehenga for summer wedding

Pastel colours have been a rage for some time now. Use that to your advantage. Opt for cool, pastel colours and light outfits to ward off the extra tiredness that comes with a heavy ensemble. 

Cooling Face Packs

home-made face pack for the bride

Summer is really harsh on the skin. If you are a summer bride, make sure you take good care of your skin by applying hydrating face masks at regular intervals, say weekly or fortnightly, prior to your big day. Try to stick to home-made face packs made out of cucumber, aloe vera gel, mint, etc.

Say NO to New Beauty Treatments

beauty treatments

 Trying a new beauty treatment during this time is a complete NO. The simple reason being it takes quite some time for our skin to go back to it’s normal state, if anything goes wrong. You may incorporate hydrating treatments or fruit based skin treatments, but do not make any radical changes to your skin care regime if you’re not sure about the outcome.


bridal make-up

Every bride is concerned about her makeup running down, hence, you have to make sure that the makeup is sweat proof and water proof. Invest some time in deciding the artist that you shall hire. Ask for people’s recommendations and always go for the one having a good amount of experience in his/her kitty. The very common problem that summer brides face is their makeup geting caked up after some time. It is of utmost imporatnce that only powder products are used to avoid cakey makeup. My personal tip would be try to go for soft, naturalised, subtle makeup with sharp contouring. 


evening updo

A summer wedding calls for a variety of updos, braids, half & half. Make sure not too much of your hair is styled on and around your face, for heat and sweat may ruin the look, after some time. Use hydrating hair sprays to protect your hair from dryness and the heat.

Lastly, eat right, let water become your best friend, and break all the stereotypical challenges faced by the bride in her summer wedding.

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