Little things done with love have a special place in one’s heart. All the big gestures cannot make up for that space. Make your partner’s Valentine’s day uber special by doing these small things for your partner.
P.s. If you’re unable to decide which one, just do all of them.

chocolate pastry cake to gift your beloved on valentine's day Flowers are too mainstream. Send a cute pastry or a muffin to your partner. If that’s not your partner’s thing, try sending a pizza or a biryani. I hope you get the gist. Send a little love in the form of food.





a handwritten poem as a valentine's day giftGifts your loved one a hand-written poem. I’m not saying go all Shakespeare crazy, I’m sure no-one can, all I mean is write a few lines for your loved one on a fancy paper in neat writing and gift them with all the flair.

books to gift your beloved on valentine's day

If your partner is a voracious reader, buy him/her an book or an E-book. This is bound to make them fell special. Trust me, being a fellow bibliophile, I know.





caramel parfait dessert


Since it’s a weekday not everyone might get the time to plan a special day with your loved one. That’s ok. Just make sure you take them out for some ice cream or falooda or brownie. Whatever makes them happy.





Luxury| Fancy cab service

Let a chariot await them when they get off work. What I mean is, book a fancy cab to take your partner home. End their tiring day with a little surprise. This shall not go unnoticed, I guarantee.




Foot spa to gift your love on valentine's day


Send them a foot refloxology spa coupon. There are many apps that make this possible for you. Just make sure it has at least a week’s worth of validity.





netflix and chill


Buy them their own netflix membership. If not that, buy them a movie.






care package you can send on a valentines day


Send them a little care package. A care package basically consists of all the little things that show them that you care. This could include chocolates, their favourite junk, a bathroom kit, etc. This is mostly for those couples who are in a long distance relationship.



Personalize any these ideas as per your partner’s preferences and show a little love.

And remember what Pooh said, “Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.”

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